Executive Search

Every mission is unique for Altior. Leadership skills are the constant factor in all profile requirements, but the combination of clients’ specific businesses, markets and company cultures requires a tailor-made approach. We follow a highly transparent, well documented systematic process with regular feedback sessions and updates.

We always start a mission with an in-depth intake meeting, where we listen closely to understand our clients’ specific situation and needs. We offer a critical sounding board when generating job descriptions and profile requirements. Based on our knowledge of the labour market, we define the job requirements carefully in partnership with our clients, and we advise them on the feasibility of the profile. We produce a detailed job and profile description to serve as an informative document for prospective candidates as well as a benchmark against which to assess the shortlist.  

The identification of  the right pool of executive talent results in a longlist of potential candidates, which is gradually narrowed down to unique talent that will make the difference for our clients. We access our network of sector experts for referrals and recommendations. This is highly customized research, fully organised in-house, state-of-the art interview and assessment techniques, including reference checks and social media screenings, reduce the risk of mismatches to an absolute minimum.

Our partners and consultants are all seasoned executive search professionals with a track record of missions at the executive level. In other words, Altior is the missing link between your business goals and the candidates you need to realize them.